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Create value

Sustainable development is possible only if the company itself is sustainable. To withstand over time, profitability is an absolute must.

Today SOKOA has all the necessary assets to create value:

  • A solid financial structure


    Since its formation in 1971, SOKOA has always been profitable.
    Backed by a stable shareholder base of more than 700 people, the Group's financial structure has produced signifiant equity, virtually no debt, and an average profit before distribution of nearly 10% of sales, allowing the company to continue investing and focusing on long-terms goals.

  • Flexibility


    Because of its financial independence, SOKOA has considerale autonomy in its choices, allowing the company to make important decisions quickly and effectively, particulary when it comes to investments.

  • An economic powerhouse


    SOKOA provides often long-standing support to the economic development of a large network of subcontractors, more than 100 partner suppliers, and 500 customers with whom the company operates.

  • A mature quality sytem


    ISO 9002 certified since 2000 and ISO 9001 certified since 2003, quality management is deeply embedded into SOKOA, wich structures its operations and the continuous improvement of its processes and performance.

  • Skills in Innovation, Design and R&D


    With its on-site designer and design office and in a highly international environment, the company always centers its approach to creating new products around the user, adopts or anticipates design trends and technical developments, fosters innovation to improve use and accounts for new demographics, including overweight people, people with reduced mobility, etc.
    Group synergies allow best practices to be shared and exchanged.