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Place employees in the heart of issues

Above all, SOKOA is a human adventure, with values and a plan to create and sustain jobs in its region, the Basque Country.
The four pillards of managing human resources and SOKOA teams are :
     - Respect for and an interest in the employee relative to the company
     - Training
     - Equality
     - Working conditions (health and safety)

  • Employees

    All employees are also shareolders, holding more than 35% of the company's capital.

    The spoils of its growth are equally distributed, with 50% of profits paid back to them particularly throught an unweighted profit-sharing system set up in 1983.

  • Training an skills development


    As part of its jobs and skills management plan (GPEC), the company has focused greatly on training in order to boost the technical an managerial skills of its employees. In 2011 and 2012, its training budget was double the legal requirement (3.51% of payroll, compared to the 1.60% required by law).
    Also, Individual Training Leaves are frequently granted to employees who would like trainin in areas related to the company's needs.

  • Health and safety at work

    SOKOA is an active founding member of Actineo, an observatory that works to improve workplace quality of life and wellness. Specific positions are equipped for people with disabilities and to reduce the drudgery. SOKOA also provides training to the gestures and postures for production workers and makes available to employees, personal protective equipment. Therefore, there is a decrease in accident frequency and severity over the past 3 years.
    A social worker is present every month in the company and there is a relief fund on a voluntary basis to assist employees in trouble.
    Collect the feelings of employees is important, therefore, every two years, we implement a satisfaction survey.

  • Specila focus on equality

    ? SOKOA employs many more workers with disabilities than the law requires.

    ? Gender equality: equal skills, equal pay! There are no exceptions to this rule within the company.

    ? SOKOA's internal communication is rich and primarily trilingual (french, basque, and spanish).

    ? A company agreement, entered into in 2010, sets out measures pertaining to its senior staff.

  • Human rights

    SOKOA is actively involved in protecting social and human rights within its area of influence.
    ? The company's suppliers are evaluated according to economic, social, and environmental criteria and graded on sustainable development criteria every two years.
    ? A social responsibility charter is distributed to suppliers located in developing countries who must adhere to it. They are thereby required to comply with a number of social requirements.
    ? SOKOA verifies that its Tier 1 supplier respect human rights and comply with the guidelines of the International Labor Organization. All suppliers are audited by this three-year cycle.
    ? SOKOA also ensures that the industrial standards of its joint venture, SOKOA CHAIR CENTRE in Nigeria, are consistent