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Promote local economic development

"Our temperament sets us appart"

SOKOA is the result of a public savings plan and regional players who believed in taking responsibility for the future, revitalizing the local economy, and creating jobs in the Basque Country.
SOKOA is firmly established in its region, and its region is anchored in the company.

    Creating and preserving local jobs : a leitmotiv for Sokoa


    True to its founding values, SOKOA formed a local venture capital firm called HERRIKOA in 1980, also through the public savings plan, which created and preserved 3.000 direct jobs and other 10.000indirect jobs in the Basque Country through the 302 companies it funded.  
    Both entities share the same philosophy and today HERRIKOA has 4600 shareholders account. Labelled Finansol since 2009, it this lable indicate solidarity savings investments guaranteeing the funding of activities with a strong social and/or environmental impact.

  • A sponsoship policy engaged


    Throught its sponsorship program, SOKOA contributes to the life of its region !

    Consistent with the core values shared by the majority of its shareolders , whether employees or not, SOKOA's sponsorship policy supports 60 regional associations.
    Notable among the main structural measures :
         • Support for the challenge of sustainable small-scale farming in the Basque Country, with SOKOA's active participation in the LABORANTZA GANBARA and its funding
         • Support as a founding member of the Fondation of the Engineering Shool (ESTIA) for the purpose of creating "gray matter" to take part in the future development of the region.

  • A priority given to local suppliers


    Whenever possible, SOKOA gives priority to local suppliers !

    The company has set a goal of maintaining a level of 90% European suppliers and at least 25% local suppliers in its supplier panel. This preference applies even if their price for the same product is slightly higher than that of a non-local supplier.

    A local contribution in regional planning decision and discussion groups

    SOKOA intervenes in local training and skills.

    The company has an active policy of involving trainees in all of its services, and it has entered into agreements with several local shools to allocate money to them for business taxes.
    Some employees are taking courses on various topics, including corporate social responsability, business and engineering schools.
    Some of them are also participating in regional planning decisions and discussions groups like CCI Regional Chambers of Commerce Industry, Basque Country Development Council, ...