Sokoa, a group

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Since its formation, SOKOA has had an active investment policy, mainly in the form of minority shares. This exemplifies one of the company's core values, local economic development.

The result after 40 years is direct or indirect investment in more than 280 companies, creating and sustaining more than 3.600 jobs in the Basque Country. With its growth in the market, SOKOA has purchased a number of European companies within its industry since 1990s.

The company's external development policy is intented to build expertise by expanding the company's product line, especilly in complementary markets. SOKOA builds its practice by allowing the companies it acquires to operate autonomously, by preserving brands, and by providing signifiant opportunities for managers and employees to invest in the company. With total non-combined sales for over €100 million in 2011 and a staff of 900 employees, the SOKOA Group intends to gradually continue developing in multiple ways, focusing on seating, office furniture, and reception chairs with a personal touch.