History and Values

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Sokoa's story

SOKOA was formed in 1971 from development project intended to help create jobs in the Basque Country by promoting a public saving plans.

Since then, SOKOA has combined local economic issues and active European cooperation into day-to-day operations. With more than 900 shareholders, wich includes all of its employees, SOKOA has applied its principles of information ans management transparency, while equally distributing profits among its staff, shareholders, and earned capital.

Specializing in office seating, SOKOA chose to grow externally within its field of expertise, allowing it to grow beyond a critical size and continu to improve its competitiveness on an international scale.

Sokoa's values

True to it's core values, Sokoa is purshing within the framework of its sustainable development policy an ongoing quality improvement process to maximize its customers and and stakeholders' satisfaction whilst stating its commitment to contribute to the professional fulfillment of its staff.