Stain cleaning

To be removed first with absorbent paper. Proceed from the border to the centre. To be cleaned up with alcohol (90°) and washed with water adding a neutral biological detergent. 

Oils, grease and sauces 
Stain to be powdered with talc. Wait for a few minutes. Remove talc with a brush and slightly press with a rag using turpentine. 

Coffee, tea and milk 
To be removed with absorbent paper. Then tampon using water along with a neutral biological detergent. 

Tampon with rag using tepid water.

To be cleaned with 90° alcohol.

Tampon using turpentine.

Clean with turpentine and tampon using water and a neutral detergent.

Water painting
Tampon using cold water. 

Wine, Champagne, alcohol 
To be removed as much as possible using absorbent paper. Than tampon using a linen detergent or diluted shampoo following the manufacturer's instructions. 

To be cleaned using water and a neutral detergent.

To be lightly tamponed using turpentine. 

Chewing gum
To be cooled using a plastic bag full of ice. 

Tampon using solvent.