Select your mechanism

  • The 3 standard adjustments

    • Gas seat height adjustment
    • Back depth adjustment
    • Back height adjustment 
  • The permanent contact


           Adjustment of the back's inclination, the seat doesn't move.
           The backrest can be locked in any position. 

    This mechanism can be with fixed tension or with possibility of adjustment according to the user's weight (permanent contact +)

  • The synchronized mechanism


    This mechanism allows a coordinated movement of the back and the seat, with ratio from 1 to 2.5, following the user's movements.

    It provides a perfect support of spinal column and the pelvis.

    This mechanism can be locked in any position, and it must be possible to adjust the tension according the user's weight.
    Generally it includes an anti-return safety device wich avoids a violent return of the backerest when the mechanism is released.

  • The permanent contact balance - asynchronous


    This mechanism allows a coordinated movement of the backerest and the seat but also at the same time an indenpendent adjustment of the seat plate in order to allow lying working positions (as required for some specific workstations).

  • The self regulated


    It's a synchronized mechanism with self-regulation of the tension according the user's weight. This mechanism is designed so that the synchronous function of permanent contact could be always active, not locked (on traditional synchronized mechanism).
    It generally has several positions of back rest tilting amplitude by programmable reducer of race and a system of tension adjustment.


  • The front tilting system


    Also used on mono-shell chairs, this system enables forward and backward tilting of the whole chair. Located on the front of the seat, this mechanism enables the user to keep his feet on the floor thanks to the front seat that remains at the same height.
    This type of tilting system is adjustable in intensity according to the user's weight and is lockable in all positions (optional).

  • The seat translation


    System of sliding plate that enable to adjust the large users.