SOKOA’s NEW SHOW-ROOM IN PARIS un showroom sur Paris


Last 19th and 20th of Mars, Sokoa, the first French manufacturer of office and contract chairs, invited more than 70 customers from the Paris region to inaugurate its new showroom located, 30th, Salvador Allende Street, in Bezons. 

That was the opportunity to discover the new tool the company opened for them to carry out their business in better conditions.

The 75m² room shows product from the three brands of the group, Sokoa ; Sellex and Genexco. The offices are a living showrooms where design fans will be able to appreciate the products in their own environment. They will find more than 100 of armchairs, chairs, benches, desks, coat racks and baskets.






To visit the showroom please contact : 


Tel. : (00 33)

E_mail :

Address :

30 rue Salvador Allende

95870 BEZONS


The  M4 preview

The inauguration was the opportunity to introduce the M4, result of a close collaboration with the famous German designer Martin Ballendat. It’s a Manager mesh armchair featuring pure esthetics lines and technical precision.