Environment and certifications

SOKOA is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, the culmination of a quality and environmental part of longstanding concerns of the company.

  • The seats of the program AMETS are certified NF Environnement. (see detail in versions certified RANGE)  

    • Guarantee of quality and durability of the furniture (strength, durability, safety, compliance ...)
    • Limitation of environmental impacts throughout the life cycle (energy limitation due to materials processing, absence of heavy metals in products finishing, marking to facilitate recycling, etc. ..) 


    The certified characteristics are available from the FCBA
    Institut technologique FCBA
    10 rue Galilée
    77420 Champs-sur-Marne
    Phone : 33 (0)1 72 84 97 84

  • ISO 9001

    Taking into account the design, ergonomics, product quality and the requirement of users, SOKOA, specialist manufacturer of office chair ISO 9001 certified, strives to meet with a reliable, innovative and professional at all need the equipment.

    ISO 14001

    The desire to give back to the man leadership and respect for the environment are central values ??SOKOA and guiding arms industry.


    All seats SOKOA are designed and manufactured under quality management system and environmental ISO 9001 and 14001.

  • Sustainability

    Beyond the product warranty provided by the distribution network, after stopping a range and in the context of our NF Environnement, Sokoa undertakes for 5 years to provide spare parts or components allowing the substitution of alternative maintenance or upgrading of seat use our brand.

    For any information or problem your seat, the distributor will be your local dealer particular speaker.

  • End of life

    Your Sokoa's seat has a 5 years warranty for use of 8 hours per day or in proportion to the 2x8 or 3x8 posts.

    It is designed to be used for at least 8 years (or in proportion to the shift work). Your seat is designed so that its main components can be easily separated, sorted and recycled by nature. 

    When you want to replace at his end of life your seat, please contact a recycling center (see for example the web site www.sinoe.org) making sure to support the furniture market.

    For other alternative recovery and for information on the general framework for managing the furniture end of life we recommend the Guide de la valorisation du mobilier professionnel en fin de vie.

    We hope your seat SOKOA you will be satisfied and wish you a very long use.

  • Regulatories informations

    Upon request and as part of the NF Environment, we are able to provide any necessary evidence in this area.

    The range AMETS doesn't represent substances "of very high concern" with a concentration above 0.1% w / w, under the REACH regulation.