Available adjustments

  • Backrest

    A high backrest with a large capacity and a complete lateral curvature of the lumbar spine by keeping the disks back and shoulders and facilitates a better focus on the seat;

    Backrest working chair TERTIO are height-adjustable rack system by automatic Up-Down integrated into the T fixing.

    Sitting in the seat, lift the file. It rises notch by notch. At the top, it goes down alone to the lowest position and you can start.

  • Armrest

    • Bras réglable 4D avec manchette PU
    • Bras réglable en hauteur avec manchette PU
    • Bras fixe en polypropylène
  • Synchronized mechanism

    The synchronized mechanism allows a coordinated movement of the seat and backrest with a relative angle of about 2 to 1 (20.5 ° dossier/11 ° seat) thus following the movements of your body. It can be locked in a selected position. When it is released again, a system prevents the sudden racket in the back of the file.

    Lift the lever which is located under your seat to the left of the mechanism to release it. Leaning back on the folder, switch back to unlock the safety and free movement of the seat.

    To adjust the tension of the file, go to next page

  • Tension

    To be perfectly comfortable, adjust the tension of the file according to your weight.

    To do this, tighten or loosen the knob on the front of the mechanism under the seat. You can then, if desired, lock the mechanism in the desired position by locking the lever left, but we recommend that you always use the seat with synchro mechanism in action.

  • Seat

    Molded foam seat wide, thick flank and with comfort.

    Translation of optional seat. This system allows larger templates to increase the seat depth.

    Lock the folder. Lift the lever on the front right seat and slide it forward.

  • Lift

    Necessary, adjusting the seat height is activated by a lift cylinder damper. The ideal seat height is where the feet are flat on the ground and the angle between the thighs / legs is 90 °.

    Once ensconced at the bottom of your seat, gently press the joystick up right out of the mechanism and release once obtained the desired height. The downward adjustment will be sitting, up slightly you will release the seat of your weight so that the opposite course.


    Serial TERTIO has a basic black nylon very resistant. Optionally, the seat can receive the same base in polished aluminum.


    A double roller, self with brake or not, for hard floor or carpet, it is important to choose those appropriate to the place where the headquarters will be used.