ODEI meeting / training

Design Iratzoki Lizaso

ODEI is a complete range of versatile visitor chairs that are elegant, comfortable and sturdy. It offers multiple versions and options for visitor, meeting, conference or training use in office spaces or collective environments. "ODEI", which means cloud in Basque, takes its name from the soft and original shape of its shell. Its ergonomic shape has been designed to fit the user's back for long-lasting comfort. Its extremely sturdy elliptical base also makes it original.



Odei is a large collection designed for Sokoa. Its development took us 3 years. We normally work on fairly free design exercises, but this time we tackled a project with rigorous specifications, many technical and economic requirements. This is due to the product typology: Odei is a community chair. Design is usually quite hard, the result unpleasant. But we tried to go against the problem with a soft proposal, a monochrome silhouette, quite graphic. An undulation in the seat allows the different functions of the chair to be integrated harmoniously. A detail that seems trivial but frees us from multiple constraints...