Care instructions

The choice of finish

Our palette of fabrics was defined as to offer a large range of options that enhance any office environment:

1- Colour shades: warm or cold, light or darker.

2- Materials or fibres: Polyolefins, treviras, wools, leathers.

3- Apparent effects: self coloured, fake self coloured, melange colours.

4- Either neutral and traditional touch, or soft and sentitive touch. Depending on these different elements, you will be able to set the tone to any space and give a sense to environment so that it gets lively and evokes the desired image.

In case of other fabrics than SOKOA ranges, you are kindly requested to CONTACT US.

Antistain treatmen

On call, we can treat our chairs antistain. See price list for supplement. This treatment is 3 years guaranteed.

IMPORTANT: Differences can be noted in tints, particulary for far distant deliveries. In any case, we cannot be considered as reponsable for these ones, unless we commited ourselves previously.

Stain cleaning

There is a need for regular cleaning (every 2 months minimum) the upholstery with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and prevent the embedding of various particles (sand or other) that may be the source of degradation and abrasion abnormal tissue.

- To be removed first with absorbent paper. Proceed from the border to the centre. To be cleaned up with alcohol (90°) and washed with water adding a neutral biological detergent. Pencil - To be cleaned with 90° alcohol.

Oil-painting - Clean with turpentine and tampon using water and a neutral detergent.

Water painting - Tampon using cold water.

Nail-varnish - Tampon using solvent.

Oils, grease and sauces - Stain to be powdered with talc. Wait for a few minutes. Remove talc with a brush and slightly press with a rag using turpentine.

Shoe-cream - To be lightly tamponed using turpentine.

Lip-stick - Tampon using turpentine..

Chocolate - Tampon with rag using tepid water.

Blood - To be cleaned using water and a neutral detergent.

Chewing gum - To be cooled using a plastic bag full of ice.

Wine, Champagne, alcohol - To be removed as much as possible using absorbent paper. Than tampon using a linen detergent or diluted shampoo following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Coffee, tea and milk - To be removed with absorbent paper. Then tampon using water along with a neutral biological detergent.


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