Sokoa, a group

From its inception, SOKOA engaged in an active policy of financial participation mostly minority; it was to implement one of the core values ​​of the company, namely local economic development.

In 40 years, this has resulted in direct or indirect participation in more than 280 companies that have contributed to the creation or maintenance of more than 3,600 jobs in the Basque Country following 3 main principles:

- Around Sokoa’ s job:

  • In the world
  • In Europe
  • At the local level (in the Basque Country)

- At the local level outside of Sokoa's profession

Starting in the 1990s, given its growth in the market, SOKOA embarked on an active external growth policy through acquisitions of companies in Europe around its business. The external development policy aims to strengthen the company in its know-how, in the extension of the range of products presented and especially in access to complementary markets.




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