Sustainable development


SOKOA has carried out CSR since its creation. This is due in particular to the origin of the company, its strong territorial roots and its initial desire: to create jobs locally.

Thus, since 2011, its SR policy, based on the founding guidelines of ISO 26000, has been underpinned by the company’s basic values and commitment to Sustainable Development.

Regularly referred as one of the most virtuous and innovative companies in our region, the AFNOR Certification organization has just renewed our CSR Committed Label to its maximum "Exemplary" level according to the ISO 26000 international standard and awarded us the European Label Responsibility Europe. This national and international recognition demonstrates our effective contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. It also rewards our ongoing and historic mobilization in favour of a more responsible and sustainable world.

Our last index of the process aimed at promoting professional equality between women and men, presents the following results: 88 points out of 100.

SOKOA’s overall policy is built upon the 4 pillars of sustainable development - economic, social, environmental and societal – the latter in particular expressing all our difference. In addition to the SR issues addressed by ISO 26000, the expectations of the company’s stakeholders are at the heart of its strategy and guide decision-making on a daily basis.




SOKOA is one of the founding members of Valdélia, a non-profit eco-organization, whose mission is to collect and recycle used professional furniture. Valdélia puts its experience and expertise at the service of the principle of the circular economy.