Trade and expertise


Part of its strategy, design is a differentiating component of the SOKOA brand. SOKOA has always worked in close collaboration with renowned designers to offer products with a modern and friendly design, imbued with its Basque identity while offering a wide choice and a recognized value for money.




Cutting, sewing and stitching, much of the added value of our seat manufacturing stems from the profession of upholsterer, a specialty for which many years of experience are necessary to acquire skills. SOKOA teams are involved every day to produce inspiring, innovative and eco-designed products that embody the expression of a passion and a know-how.


Located in Hendaye (64), the SOKOA factory covers 27,000 m² of production area. Each year, it manufactures approximately 435,000 seats, the equivalent of 1,900 units that are shipped each day.

Workstations for the most sophisticated products are tailor-made and optimized both ergonomically and methodologically to enable operational excellence in the manufacture of the most complex seats that can use up to 55 different components to be assembled.

Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, SOKOA offers the guarantee of products and services that meet your requirements, with the "MADE IN FRANCE" label.


SOKOA markets its products through dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers nationally and internationally. Their development is followed by a field team of France and Export sales managers assisted by about twenty employees in back office.

Every day, our teams support all types of projects providing advices, specifications and technical files, making 2D and 3D lay outs, following-up of orders, delivering and installing with expertise, availability and reactivity. SOKOA strives to provide tailored sales support tools, sales promotion operations and effective and engaging professional communication.