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With nearly 50 years of experience, passion and know-how dedicated to the manufacture of designer professional seating in the Basque Country, SOKOA is committed to the Ameublement Français in the #meublezvousfrançais campaign, an initiative to promote the production in our regions. Placing people at the centre of its concerns, creating jobs, giving meaning to its products and continuously improving the quality of its products while respecting the environment, are the founding values ​​to which SOKOA has remained faithful since its creation.  


Buying furniture made in France is - Support employment in our regions - Preserve the know-hows and their promise of quality - Inscribe our living environment in a sustainable future - Transmit or perpetuate the French art of living - Choose inspiring, innovative and design solutions  

More details in the attached manifesto : <link https: bit.ly _blank linkout_new>undefinedbit.ly/2YrbFgO