KULBU break-out

Design Bruno Houssin

KULBU is an innovative concept of seating and "agile" furniture designed to respond to the development of project-based work and other methods of creativity and collective innovation. The range consists of a pouf and its mobile storage unit and whiteboard. Made of polyethylene, the footstool provides dynamic seating with its "rocking" base and is perfectly suited to outdoor use. It can also be semi- or fully upholstered. Double-sided and mobile on castors, the unit provides the dual function of storage rack for the footstools and magnetic writing surface with a paperboard back.



Kulbu draws its inspiration from the roll of pebbles found on the shores of the Atlantic coast. The form is refined, balanced and dynamic. I created the Kulbu as a “functional-object”, to discuss, think, pause, as an ”object of comfort” that provides a tonic support for brainstorming sessions, as a ”nomadic object” that moves and allows extra seating in different workspaces. I also imagined it in an innovative and ecological 100% vegetal material, a green polypropylene made of sugarcane residues! Its multifuncional storage unit then appeared to me as its natural complement.