Design Iratzoki Lizaso

The EDEN 02 is a re-edition of an executive chair that has become an international icon. It sublimates the assertive character of its predecessor by offering a more streamlined design while capitalising on the strengths that have made it a success. Its slim line and ergonomic performance are enhanced tenfold thanks to optimised volumes, a higher, wider backrest and a deeper seat. Its personality, elegance and style are enhanced by the brightness of its new white colour. Its impeccable finish makes EDEN 02 the new reference for all executive office and boardroom equipment.



Revisiting 20 years after the first collaboration with Sokoa, which became a classic over time, was a real challenge for us. How to keep the appearance and the distinction of EDEN, Master of the Management, while adapting it to the universe of the contemporary office, less hierarchical? From workstations to meeting rooms and management positions, this new version covers multiple functions. EDEN 02 is a combination of ergonomic and aesthetic improvements with a final result that is both serious and kind.