Design Iratzoki Lizaso

Ildo, which means «furrow» in Basque, is a range of iconic lounge chairs distinguished by the originality of its quilted bands offering an incredible comfort and an elegant timelessness. Designed to bring a unique touch of style to any contemporary corporate, public or residential space, Ildo also perfectly illustrates the upholstery expertise of Sokoa, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Indeed, it takes more than 2 hours to make these ultra technical covers. The range includes several backrest heights with or without armrests and headrest and 2 types of 4-branch swivel bases. The high backrest model without armrests can receive an optional tablet arm with a bleached oak finish wood top.



With ILDO, different figures are built on a grid of parallel lines that bend as required. The bands curve and create shapes with complementary silhouettes, creating an animated landscape on a graphic grid. Throughout the development process, we have sought a balance between furrows and volumes, between thinness and padding, between elegance and comfort. This collection was a real technical challenge that required a long teamwork between designers, mould makers and upholsterers.