Design Piergil Fourquié

LOTUA, which means “to link” in Basque, is a collection created with minimal components yet allowing for maximum configurations. Its concept, construction and fixing system are both simple and clever. The opulent, authentic seats have been designed to offer a generously comforting “cushion effect”, promoting sociability and comfort whilst remaining contemporary, understated and elegant. All the components that make up Lotua can easily be dismantled to allow for repairs, refurbishment, or end-of-life recycling.



I find my inspiration by looking at what’s around me – in nature, on my travels, and so on – and it’s a constant process, it’s never just a matter of chance. I develop designs with an emotional element, making the idea as legible as I possibly can, so as to give the object instinctive appeal. My creations typically feature curved, feminine shapes. They embody the kind of spare simplicity that is part and parcel of my signature style. These days, hotel spaces have to change and adapt throughout the day, to suit different types of use. Working with these constraints led to a clever, yet simple, solution: a cushion that could be inserted into a frame like a cork. Based on this idea, I worked with the Sokoa teams to develop a whole range of upholstered, high-seated, ultra-modular easy chairs. These stylish, comfortable, lightweight yet lasting chairs feature all round connectability.