Sustainability and end of life


Beyond the product warranty provided by the distribution network, after stopping a range and in the context of our NF Environnement, Sokoa undertakes for 5 years to provide spare parts or components allowing the substitution of alternative maintenance or upgrading of seat use our brand.

For any information or problem with your seat, your local dealer will be your preferred interlocutor.

End of life

Your Sokoa's seat has a 5 years warranty for use of 8 hours per day or in proportion to the 2x8 or 3x8 posts.

It is designed to be used for at least 8 years (or in proportion to the shift work). Your seat is designed so that its main components can be easily separated, sorted and recycled by nature

Following the Grenelle Environment’s works, some manufacturers and importers dealing with the professional furniture market have created Valdelia, an eco-organization approved by the Ministries of Ecology and Sustainable Development and Energy (Decree n ° 2012-22) to meet their obligations with waste furniture items.

Please visit to know how to replace your SOKOA’s chairs at the end of life.

We hope your seat SOKOA you will be satisfied and wish you a very long use.


SOKOA chairs have a 5 years guarantee except commercial special agreement. SOKOA undertakes to replace any structural part which proves to be faulty as long as the chairs are used under normal office conditions (8 hours/day), or proportionally for an intensive use when working 2 shifts (30months) or three shifts (20 months). Our chairs include an identification label under the seat. The references appearing in this label must be transmitted when the guarantee is used.
Spare parts are warranted for a period of 3 years (or the lasting period of the original warranty if this is longer).

Article 4&5 (Extract General Conditions of Sale)

Our chairs get 5 years guarantee against all manufacturing defects (except normal wear and fear of the fabric) from the shipping date and under normal conditions of use. The wear rate is equal to 20 % / year of the primary amount.

The customer must demonstrate if requested, that there was not improper treatment of the products, overloading, improper assembly. Any compensation, whatever the cause, is excluded. Defective parts are replaced, excluding any other service, and will be made available by the customer for recovery.
In addition, SOKOA guarantees the supply of spare parts essential for the use of our products for a minimum period of 7 years from the date of initial purchase.

Extended Producer Responibility (EPR)

FR014174_10VXJ2: Registration number in application of article L. 541-10 of the Environment Code. By this ID, SOKOA fulfils its obligations of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in application of the law n°2020-105 of February 10, 2020 relating to the fight against waste and the circular economy.

The distributor informs the end user (including during distance selling) of the takeback conditions made available to him in a visible, legible and easily accessible way before the sale is concluded.